Lodging in a hostel

Lodging in a hostel is one of the numerous possibilities for overnight in Sofia. An indisputable advantage is the utterly acceptable pricing.

But what does hostel mean? An evermore-popular concept, it remains rather vague and ambiguous. Hostel is a lodging place which could be defined as a dormitory, rooms, lodgings or an overnight place for short- and long-term accommodation.

Furthermore, hostel is a way of communication. Hostel is a preferred lodging place for travelers seeking to discover new places and different people. It’s a place where, in an informal setting, feeling at home is possible while new friendships could be created.

Hostel is partaking as well: partaking of the own privacy, of the room where you’re sleeping, of the table where you’re having lunch, of the experience that you’re going to gain.

Hostel is a comfortable, cheap and informal lodging place where you can feel welcome as well as at home.


Obviously, most of hostel clients are individual tourists: tourists with a limited budget, fanciers of the informal circumstance, short-stay city travelers – people of different age, from different nationalities. They are people travelling by train, by bus or airplane. Sometimes they arrive on bicycles: they have traveled many miles, but there are many more for travel.

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On a business trip

Working teams sent on a business trip in the city can organize their stay in an economical yet convenient way: comfortable accommodation at low prices combined with the possibility of catering on site is an ideal solution for their short stay.

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Education and training

Prospective students or trainees, who reside in the capital for short, have the opportunity to organize their stay at affordable prices.

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Personal occasions

There are numerous occasions when your family, relatives or friends might need short-term accommodation in the capital – e.g. during visits for sports/music events, for some sort of family-related occasions such as weddings, proms and anniversary celebrations, or just for shopping during a weekend away in the capital. In such cases, accommodation in a hostel is an excellent choice for the whole family, or just for a small group of friends.

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